Capturing detailed, high quality recordings will set you up for a successful project.


Once we have high quality recordings, we balance and polish the tracks to give the listener an immersive experience.


After we have a finished mix, we can take the stereo file and bring it up to a commercial volume level while optimizing the release for different listening environments.

Podcast Audio

Tired of your podcast sounding like it was recording on your phone? Send me files and we can get you a professional edit and mix.


High quality sound design, Foley, dialogue editing, ADR, and mixing can make your indie film compete with theatrical releases.


An emotional score can bring the listener into the scene they are watching.


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Hi, I’m Paul

Audio Engineer, Producer, and Audio Scientist

I started recording bands back in 2012. After studying under Sean Slade (Radiohead) while at Berklee College of Music, I began working in audio professionally. Everything from podcasts and post-audio to everything music related have come across my desk. You can find more stuff I’ve worked on here.

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